Client Alamo Community Colleges District

Alamo Community Colleges District - Capital Planning & Facility Assessment

San Antonio, TX

Frustrated with a previous assessment that was overly complex and quickly outdated, the Alamo Colleges turned to LAN to perform a facilities condition assessment that would provide useful data to accurately predict future budgetary needs. To date, LAN engineers and architects have completed physical assessments of more than 200 district facilities, and provided Alamo Colleges with the tools and training it needed to facilitate cost-effective facilities planning.

LAN's assessment continues to benefit the Alamo Colleges today. Because of the comprehensive knowledge we gained through this project, the Alamo Colleges relies on LAN to provide capital planning services for their facilities.

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200+ District facilities assessed


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Condition Assessment
"LAN is one of Alamo Colleges' "go to" firms for facilities-related solutions, guidance, expertise, and expediency."